Make it Public 2020

Interview by Yunyun Guo

Jiawei Guo (China),
Architect and artist

Jiawei Guo is an architect and an artist. She is a founder of an online organization called ‘Visceral Realism’, which aims to inspire young people's passion for literature and life.

Her current architecture research is about industrial abandoned space and interested in the culture of ruin. During the pandemic Jiawei is researching ‘Gravity’. She defines 'gravity' by the survival of any individual as the process of struggle against the forces of nature in the world, such as gravity, solids, impenetrability, etc.

In the conversation, Jiawei and Yunyun discuss space identity, social identity and identity construction. Jiawei states that identity construction is a continually changing process. She puts the problem of urban space under the framework of identity construction to explore the identity of specific groups of people, and investigates how 'identity' is reflected in urban space. A specific spatial identity is the space symbol and the identity symbol of a typical group, in which Jiawei takes migration space as an example to explore the identity of migrant workers. The identity of migrant space is the process of exclusion and competition. Migrant workers are the main group in it, and their gathering will form a new social space identity. This process enables urban space identity reconstruction and group identity regeneration.