Make it Public 2020

Interview by Minmin Xia

Miaomiao Lee (China),
Documentary photographer and copywriter in XiaoHan Independent Film team.

Miaomiao Lee, a photographer and copywriter of an independent documentary studio, advocates substituting lens and style of writing for eyes, and exploring how ordinary people's stories have bright energy from details of life. At present, her documentary Life is a Belief has been shortlisted as the Best International Documentary Feature in Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Film Festival and has been released in Chinese cinemas. She is now preparing for a new documentary, Marvel City, in which she hopes to have connections with the city through the actions of different characters.

This dialogue mainly focuses on how to "be invisible" as a photographer in the filming of a documentary, and make the lens replace the participation of identity, to achieve the construction of three-dimensional image identity from three aspects, audience, filming and people being filmed. It also discusses how Miaomiao Lee's box becomes a breathable personal boundary like The Sea of Fertility.