Make it Public 2020

Interview by Geffen Refaeli

Mr. Noam Goldway (Israel),
PhD candidate at the interdisciplinary Sagol School of Neuroscience, TAU

In his research, Noam is looking at how brain mechanisms underlying embodied emotion and the sense of self. Working in the lab of Prof. Talma Hendler, he aims to unveil the neural substrates involved in creating and sustaining a subjective experience of emotion and self. To do so, the lab uses advanced brain imaging during rest, as well as active paradigms of somatic and social pain, alongside a perturbation approach in the form of pharmacologic manipulation based on the administration of Ketamine, a psychoactive substance known to alter the self-related phenomenological experience.

Geffen Refaeli is a Master of Research Student at the Royal College of Art, in the Fine Art and Humanities pathway, inquiring into the formation of the self/other borders in the context of non-human being such as plant life, and how humans perceive such radical otherness as non-conscious entities.

In this conversation, they discuss the concept of ‘identity’ through questions about the definition of the self, the process of individualisation and the role of neurological cognition in the process of individualisation.   

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