Make it Public 2020

Interview by Parinda Sakdanaraseth

Tnop Wangsillapakun (Thailand),
Visual identity designer

Tnop Wangsillapakun(an AGI member since 2016) is a founder and design director of TNOP DESIGN. This Bangkok-based design studio focuses on creating a perfect balance between art and design. Founded in Chicago in 2005, Tnop believes that a sharp design is about the critical balance of conceptual work and relevant craftsmanship. His philosophy is to create a unique design that can represent a client's culture through distinct contemporary executions, materials and techniques. Tnop has worked with a wide range of clients from global, international brands like Corbis Images(USA), Nike(USA), Ookla(USA) to a high profile artist Erwin Wurm(Austrian), to local businesses such as the Commons, a new concept mall in Thonglor district, Bangkok.

His studio has won many established design awards such as Red Dot Communication(Germany), Good Design Awards(Japan), Type Directors Club(New York) and are featured in many books and renowned magazines around the world. Tnop has always been active in the Thai design community by giving lectures and conducting workshops as well as collaborating in art and design exhibitions from time to time.

Parinda Sakdanaraseth is a graphic designer, an UX/UI designer and a researcher. Her current research focusing on the future of traditions and rituals, particularly on funerals and Joss paper tradition in Thailand, due to the change of social values.

In this conversation, Tnop had discussed what identity is from his perspective as a visual identity designer and what direction of the future of visual identity might be after pandemic time.